How Does Active Noise Cancellation Work?

Active noise cancellation uses a variety of techniques and technologies to quiet the sound of the engine and other loud noises in the cabin of the vehicle. This is meant to improve the driving experience for drivers and passengers and also allows auto makers to increase the sounds of certain desirable noises.

Most active noise cancellation relies on microphones placed around the cabin. These microphones pick up certain frequencies that are relayed to the Active Noise Cancellation unit, which then creates a reversed signal that cancels out the frequency of the normal cabin noises.

So basically, it doesn’t make it so there’s less noise inside the cabin—it just makes it so our ears can’t hear the sound, giving the illusion of a quieter cabin. And the ANC unit targets low frequency noises like the drone of the engine, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to hear concerning noises like squealing brakes.

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Fort Wayne Hosts BAALS Music Festival for 4th Year

For the fourth year in a row, downtown Fort Wayne, IN, will host the BAALS Music Festival—a multi-genre festival with a focus on electronic and dance music. The festival will take place at Headwater Park on Saturday August 1st starting at 8 AM and continue all day and through the night, ending at 1 AM.

Besides being a fun event where you can go to dance, drink, and have a good time with family and friends, the BAALS Music Festival is a charitable event which donates $5000 every year to Mad Anthony’s Children’s Hope House. General admission is just $15 plus fees, with special VIP passes at $50. The VIP pass includes access to private bars and VIP areas at the shows.

After starting as a house party in 2012, it’s amazing how far the BAALS Music Festival has come—it’s now one of the biggest music festivals in the Midwest. If you want something fun to do next Saturday, this epic music festival is fun for all ages, and the price of admission goes to a great cause.

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Fort Wayne Greek Fest

The 35th annual Fort Wayne Greek Festival starts this week! Headwaters Park will play host to the many food stands, fun events, and of course the Greek Fest Olympic 5K. The festival will take place from Thursday through Sunday, from 11 AM to 11 PM on every day but Sunday, when things will shut down at 5 PM.

Aside from all the delicious authentic Greek food you’ll find at the Greek Fest, there are plenty of Greek cultural events and performances that will take place throughout the weekend. There will be a live band and even a Greek dance troupe performing at intervals every day of the festival, and they’re even setting up small amusement rides for kids!

And don’t forget to sign up for the 5k Walk/Run on Saturday morning. The route will wind around the scenic St. Mary’s River and through Headwaters Park—you don’t have to be a runner to enjoy a stroll with this view! Plus, the first 150 entrants will get a race shirt and gyro vouchers, which is all you could possibly want when attending a Greek festival.

The Glenbrook Hyundai team hopes to see you there!

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Hand Washing and Automatic Washing: Which is Best for Your Car?

You’d think between hand washing and automatic washing, hand washing would be the obvious choice for your car. After all, at home you can clay, wax, and polish your car exactly how you like it, whereas an automatic wash just soaps your car up and lets it air dry. But the debate isn’t so cut and dry, and there are benefits and drawbacks of both.

Hand washing does give you the power, but it’s also a lot more time consuming, and some studies show that washing your car at home can actually damage the paint job over time. Plus, you’re washing all those contaminants from your car straight into storm drains! It’s not the best choice for the environment, so avoid doing it too often.

Automatic car washes are quicker and overall without the risks, but they don’t provide the detailing you can do at home, and the air-drying methods they use can leave your car streaky.

The best method is to combine! Wash at home sometimes so you can give it a nice wax, and hit the automatic wash to prevent grim buildup between hand washes.

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Hyundai Helps Astronaut’s Daughter Send Message to Space

Hyundai is tugging at heart strings around the world in its new video, which features an astronaut’s daughter. The 13-year old from Houston often spends large amounts of time separated from her father, and with the help of Hyundai and filmmaker Innocean Worldwide, created a message big enough for her dad to see – all the way from space.

The message to space says “Steph love’s you” written in her own handwriting, and carved into the sand of Nevada’s Delamar Dry Lake using a fleet of Hyundai Genesis sedans fitted with unique spiked-wheels. The message was big enough that the girl’s father could read it from the International Space Station, where Stephanie said he would “probably just grab his camera and take a picture.”

The resulting image covers almost three and a half square miles, and has been approved by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest tire track image ever created.

The Hyundai Genesis was the ideal vehicle to orchestrate such a massive undertaking, thanks to its “outstanding engine performance, precise handling, a proven powertrain, and excellent driving stability to cope with the rough surface while creating the elaborate message.”

See how the elaborate message was delivered, including a behind-the-scenes peek at

Stop by Glenbrook Hyundai today to test drive the Hyundai Genesis for yourself!

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Hyundai Smart Phone Technology to Help Combat Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the biggest reasons car accidents happen today, and cell phones are quickly becoming the main reason to blame. New Hyundai smart phone technology is hoping to bring that distraction to an end.

Hyundai officially filed a patent that would allow them to start testing out their new technology to decrease distracted driving due to cell phones. Disabling the phone would be the biggest step in eliminating the distraction. In order to make the technology a reality, antennas would be placed around the vehicle to monitor cell signals.

Based on a variety of factors like speed and proximity of the phone to the driver, certain features of the smart phone will be shut off. In order for the tech to work, a software program or application would need to be downloaded to the phone.

Hyundai is still figuring out all of the details regarding the new technology and reported that it would be a few years before it is placed in vehicles. In any case, we’re really excited to see Hyundai stepping up and helping to eliminate distracted driving!

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Hyundai-Kia Motors Records Highest Monthly Sales

Say what you want about the South Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia. Their rough start has turned into a great year in Europe and with March’s passing, it only gets better. In March the sister automakers recorded their highest monthly sales ever across the pond. Sales of the automaker’s European models stretched across the 27 member states of the European Union.

On Hyundai’s end, over 54,000 units left dealer lots and hit roadways. That figure is up 17.6% since last year when it sold only 46,285 units. March has proved to be one of the automaker’s best sales months. The previous record was set in March 2012 with 48,001 units sold. Thanks to the sales increase, Hyundai’s market share also increased to 3.4%.

Hyundai’s record monthly sales were due to the i10 and i20 mini-cars, moving 11,363 and 10,297 units respectively. The Tucson iX had a great month too, selling 10,764 of the model. On the other side, Kia’s best selling model was the Sportage SUV with 12,596 units sold.

Kia set its own record with a 10.6% sales increase measuring up to 43,671 units. The previous record, set in March 2014, was 40,479 units. While Hyundai’s market share increased, Kia’s remained at 2.7%. Combined, the sister automakers hold 6.1% of the European market.

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Hyundai Tournament of Champions Raised over $300K This Year for Charity

The Hyundai Tournament of Champions may have happened way back in January, but the brand is still celebrating the tournament’s results here in April. The amount of money raised for charity has finally been announced—Hyundai raised a total of $341,000 for Maui community charities.

The charities include the Boy Scouts of America, Friends of the Children’s Justice Center, Hale Makua Health Services, the Lahainaluna High School Foundation, and more. The tournament also made donations to both the Hawaii State Junior Golf Association and Maui Junior Golf for promoting the game of golf in Maui. The tournament has been held in Maui since 1999.

Finally, $75,000 was donated to the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children through Hyundai’s Hope on Wheels and the Hope on Wheels 5K that was held the same week at the tournament.

With this much success, we’re excited to see the 2016 Tournament of Champions tee off next January. Come see us at Glenbrook Hyundai to learn more about our brand today.

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2016 Hyundai Tucson Debut Highlights Fresh, Sporty Styling

Hyundai is shaking up the crossover segment with the 2016 Hyundai Tucson. The 2016 Hyundai Tucson debut, which happened earlier this month at the New York Auto Show, showcases the crossover’s fresh new look, innovative technologies, and superior fuel efficiency. This lethal combination has made the Tucson one of the most appealing crossover SUVs to hit the market in years.

The Tucson offers consumers a bold, sculpted design, which is centered on Hyundai’s signature hexagonal-shaped grille. Sharp body lines and sleek curves combine to create the most visually appealing Tucson yet, while the interior’s modern design makes sure you never want to leave your crossover’s cabin.

Hyundai has made the Tucson even more appealing with a variety of fuel-efficient powertrains, including the base 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that gets an estimated 164 horsepower and 26 mpg combined.

This refined crossover vehicle combines a fresh design with superior features to offer consumers the perfect combination for family-friendly and fun-to-drive. For more information on the 2016 Tucson, contact Glenbrook Hyundai today!

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Hyundai Veloster Named Vincentric Best Value in America

The beloved Hyundai Veloster just added another notch in its award belt! It recently claimed the Vincentric Best Value in America award, marking the third year in a row it has won the award. The Best Value Awards are earned after receiving top ratings in various ownership cost aspects.

There are eight different areas in which vehicles are judged, including financing, fees and taxes, opportunity cost, fuel, insurance, repairs, and maintenance. The vehicle with the lowest cost of ownership when compared to the competition takes home the prestigious award.

David Wurster, Vincentric president, said, “As a three-time winner of the Best Value in America awards, the Veloster delivered best-in-class performance with a total cost of ownership that was more than 7 percent below expected.”

In addition to lowest cost of ownership, the Veloster impressed the judges with low depreciation costs and below average operating costs.

If you’re interested in test-driving the award winning Veloster, come visit us at Glenbrook Hyundai today!

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