Edmunds.com Names 2015 Hyundai Sonata a Top Rated Vehicle

2015 Hyundai SonataThe new 2015 Hyundai Sonata has added another award to its list of accolades after being named a Top Rated Vehicle by Edmunds.com, the industry-leading car-shopping website.

Every year, the Edmunds Testing Team evaluates more than 200 new vehicles in 10 categories to identify the best performers. The vehicles are driven on a standardized road-test loop and on a test track in a controlled environment.

After evaluation, the publication’s editors praised the Sonata for its suite of standard safety and convenience features, refined styling, and range of efficient and powerful engines.

“The Sonata’s value is bolstered by its class-leading safety features, including lane departure warning and frontal collision warning systems,” said Scott Oldham, editor in chief, Edmunds.com. “Combined with its sophisticated design, refined ride and handling characteristics, and a great selection of powertrains, the Sonata really is everything you could want from a family sedan.”

Be the next one to test drive the 2015 Sonata, a top rated vehicle, at Glenbook Hyundai!

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Can’t-Miss Holiday Events in Fort Wayne

At Glenbrook Hyundai, we count ourselves lucky to be part of such an engaging community here in Fort Wayne. This spirit is showcased during the holiday season, when Fort Wayne pulls out all the stops for a fantastic Christmas celebration. Let’s take a look at some of our can’t-miss holiday events in Fort Wayne.

Fantasy of Lights

Nov. 26th- Dec 31st; Franke Park, 3411 Sherman Rd

Anyone from Fort Wayne knows the Fantasy of Lights tops the list of must-do holiday activities. Join us at Franke Park this year, as the night comes alive with the twinkling glow of more than a thousand holiday lights.  Around seventy-five colorful displays will convey both the fun side of the season and the original story of Christmas. Grab a few to-go cups of hot cocoa for this relaxed drive among the lights.

Tradition of Sights and Sounds

Nov. 15th-Jan 11th; Jefferson Pointe, 4110, W. Jefferson Blvd

This year, not only can you see Fort Wayne’s tallest Christmas tree, but you can also take in a show. Jefferson Pointe is home to some of our favorite dining, shopping, and entertainment hotspots, and they’ve gone all-out again for Christmas. The huge tree at the center of the area actually performs a symphony of light and sound for the public to enjoy. This delightful show starts at 6:30pm each night, capping off each half hour until 10pm.

Ice Skating at Headwaters Park

Nov. 22nd-March1st; Headwaters Park East, 311 S. Clinton St

While some would prefer to be close to a cozy fire this holiday season, there are others who just can’t wait to get out in the ice and snow. Ice skating is a holiday tradition that Headwaters Park celebrates each year, with rink hours available every day of the week. Add in hot cocoa and refreshments for purchase at the park, and you may be able to lure the whole family out for a skate.

Do you have a favorite spot or event for the holidays? Let us know what you love about winter activities in Fort Wayne.

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Best Ways to Protect Your Car from the Cold

We are well into November already; the smell of turkey is in the air, and cold, wintery frost has begun to settle in. You know what that means? It’s also time to get your car ready for winter and the cold temperatures we’ll be facing in the coming months.

In order to help you prepare, we’ve put together our list of helpful hints to protect your car from the cold.

  1. If you have a garage, use it. That’s right, it’s time for you to get out there and finally clear that precious space designed to protect your car from the elements. Not only will your garage keep your car protected from blowing objects, ice, snow, rain, and salt – it offers a space with a fairly regulated temperature.
  2. Check your battery. It’s no secret that freezing temperatures are rough on you battery. Before you get stuck somewhere with a battery that won’t start, make sure it’s not at the end of its life. Ideally, you’ll want to start your car at least once for 15 to 20 minutes every 24 hours to keep the battery charged.
  3. Check your tire pressure. As a general rule, your tires lose a pound of pressure for every ten degrees the outside temperature drops. Check and fill your tires often during the winter. Low tire pressure can be a serious safety hazard, impairing your car’s handling and braking abilities and reducing efficiency.
  4. Check your fluids. Check all your fluids, including oil, antifreeze, power steering, brake, and transmission. These can thicken up in freezing temperatures. Ideally, you’ll want to let your car run for ten minutes before driving to allow these fluids to warm up. Also, don’t forget windshield wiper fluid!
  5. Replace windshield wipers. The lack of good windshield wipers poses a serious threat to you and others. Make sure you have a pair that cleanly wipes away any obstruction to your vision.

Want more? Howstuffworks.com has a comprehensive guide to getting your car winter-ready. If you still aren’t sure, stop by the Glenbrook Hyundai service department. We’ll make sure you’re ready for winter driving!

What other tips and tricks do you recommend for keeping your car in tip top shape this winter? Tell us in the comments!

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Hyundai Fuel Cell Vehicle Earns 2015 Green Car Product of Excellence Award

13581300623_3222a339a6_zGreen Car Journal won’t announce the winner of the Green SUV of the Year award until this January in Washington, but here at Glenbrook Hyundai we’re pretty sure the result is already a foregone conclusion. After all, the Hyundai Fuel Cell Vehicle already wrapped up the 2015 Green Car Product of Excellence award, also given out by Green Car Journal, and has been named a finalist for the SUV of the Year award. As the first fuel cell vehicle available en masse in America, it’s no wonder that the Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicle is getting all the love.

“The Tucson Fuel Cell is a seamless transition from gasoline-powered vehicles with comparable range and refueling times,” said Mike O’Brien, vice president of corporate and product planning for Hyundai. “Our customers in Southern California are taking advantage of these benefits and are having an extremely positive experience. We are excited by the growing hydrogen fueling infrastructure and getting more consumers behind the wheel.”

You might be thinking, “Yeah, that’s really great for all the people who can afford such a car.” However, the fuel cell vehicle, as advanced as it is, is surprisingly affordable. You can lease one for just $499 a month, a price that includes unlimited hydrogen refills with the At Your Service Valet Maintenance plan. Come see us at Glenbrook today!

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JP Edition Sonata SEMA Concept Turns Performance into Art

2015 Hyundai Sonata JP Edition for SEMAAftermarket tuner John Pangilinan is known for turning cars into works of art for SEMA shows, and this year is no exception. Using a 2015 Hyundai Sonata as his canvas, Pangilinan combined the driving dynamics of the sexy sedan with the striking graphics of Los Angeles street art to create the JP Edition Sonata SEMA Concept.

“Inspired by a trip earlier this year to the Pow! Wow! Hawai’i art event in Hawaii, I wanted to connect the street art culture to automotive, without going too over the top with a full blown art car,” said John Pangilinan. “This build features a balance of performance products, in-car entertainment with the latest innovations, and clean styling, representing the enthusiasts whose cars showcase an extension of their personalities and lifestyles.”

Pangilinan began this special edition Sonata with stock white body paint, allowing it to act as a canvas as he worked with Flexfit|BSCMP and Mr. 44, a renowned LA-based street artist, to create a balance between the world of street art and that of car enthusiasts. This balance was found with an AEM cold air intake, a MagnaFlow exhaust kit, and a hot charge pipe from Bisimoto engineering, along with 19-inch RAYS Gram Lights 57Getter wheels that add the perfect artistic touch to the car’s custom exterior.

Would you like to customize your own Hyundai to look similar to the JP Edition Sonata SEMA concept? Stop in to Glenbrook Hyundai today and see just how you can do that!

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2015 Hyundai Genesis at the SEMA Show Gets Toca Customization

2015 Hyundai Genesis

The Hyundai Genesis got a makeover by TOCA for the SEMA show.

The Chicago-based Toca Marketing Group is well-known for its design and customization work for aftermarket fabrication. Now, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis at the SEMA show is getting a Toca customization.

Visitors at the SEMA show November 4th through 7th will get to see the custom Genesis named “Steel Phoenix.” Under the hood, the Genesis is powered by a 5.0-liter V8. Toca then created a twin turbo design with a catback exhaust system to boost the engine’s output to 600 horsepower.

“The name Steel Phoenix came to me as soon as I saw the redesigned Genesis,” said John Toca, founder and owner of Toca Marketing Group, in a statement. “The main focus of this build was to zone in on the luxury aspect, while improving performance in parallel. Although I wasn’t overly concerned about pushing crazy horsepower numbers, the custom-fabricated twin turbo setup adds 180 horsepower over the stock motor.”

Inside, the seats are covered with black leather with contrasting white stitching. Carbon fiber trim panels and a Rockford Fosgate sound system complete the upscale feel. Toca created a unique all metal wide body design with matte and gloss black accents to enhance the Steel Phoenix look.

What do you think of this custom Hyundai Genesis?

Want to get your own piece of luxury? Come to Glenbrook Hyundai today and check out the 2015 Hyundai Genesis.

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What Do You Think of a Small Sports Car from Hyundai?

Hyundai’s sports line-up has been gaining momentum, especially with SEMA coming up, but don’t think their wild developments are limited to only the SEMA show. Hyundai’s been giving hints at an eventual new sports car to add to their family… and this one is going to be downsized.

We might see a small sports car from Hyundai for the racing scene. The possibly-in-design model is not set in stone yet, but what we do know is that it won’t be replacing the Tiburon coupe that has left the line-up. This would likely be aligned with one of Hyundai’s motorsports programs and have a global model to justify the investment.

“Cars like these, such as the Audi TT, create a huge demand when they’re new, but then that dies off quickly,” Allan Rushforth, former COO of Hyundai, told Autocar. “It’s about demographics, too. The buyers of the old Coupé (Tiburon in the U.S.) no longer want these cars.”

For more news on Hyundai’s developments, report back in November for Glenbrook Hyundai’s peeks into the SEMA show!

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Paul Rudd: The New Voice of Hyundai

When it comes to the voice of Hyundai, there has been a changing of the guard.  Since 2007, Academy award-winning actor Jeff Bridges had lent his voiceover talents to ads by the Korean automaker.  His voice had gruff and gravel and could be instantly recognized.

As all great things must come to an end (yes, even marketing partnerships made in heaven), Hyundai sought a suitable replacement for Bridges.  Said Steve Shannon, vice president of marketing for Hyundai Motor America, “We were looking for a voice that could be recognizable and relatable to a new generation of car buyers.”

The new voice of Hyundai belongs to actor Paul Rudd.  He is known for his roles in the films The Cider House Rules, I Love You, Man, and Anchorman.  Hyundai had some flattering things to say about their new partner. “Rudd can be serious, humorous, informative and entertaining all at the same time.”

Rudd’s first spot involves a scene where a backseat driver is shown up by the 2015 Hyundai Sonata’s superior navigation system.  Check it out here!

Visit the showroom at Glenbrook Hyundai today!

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Hyundai i20 to Flaunt Its Stuff at the Paris Motor Show

The new 2015 Hyundai i20 has been released at the Paris Motor Show and it is better than ever. With new body styling and external features, like a reimagined grille, headlights, and a new car front, the hatchback is super sleek and ready to impress.

The car sports a longer front and hood that mimics that of a Mazda or a Jaguar, giving it a streamlined look. The interior includes black accents, metallic trim, and leather seating. For even more style, a sunroof is included along with a top of the line infotainment center with GPS. World Car Fans says that Hyundai has promised, “In 2015, the model will gain a new turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine that produces up to 120 PS (88 kW) and 172 Nm (127 lb-ft) of torque.”

Car buyers can expect to see the new i20 out on dealership lots in the near future! Plan to get the i20 when it is released from Glenbrook Hyundai!

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The New 2015 Tucson Fuel-Cell Car Utilized Innovative Technology

With gas prices soaring, Hyundai has unveiled a new fuel-cell-powered car. With innovated new technology and an-award winning design and engineering team, the new 2015 Tucson fuel-cell car promises to be groundbreaking.

Wondering how it works? According to MNN, a source for eco-friendly news, the 2015 Tucson fuel-cell car is powered by hydrogen-filled cells which generate electricity when combined with oxygen. Essentially, as long as there is pressurized H2, a catalyst, and air-flow, then a current of electrons can power the car.

It’s practically the Hindenburg all over again, right? Not quite. Hydrogen used in fuel-cells is typically diluted and the hydrogen tank is made of reinforced carbon fiber. Not only that, but the high dispersal rate and tendency of the gas to rise make it the equivalent of, if not safer than, gas.

The 2015 Tucson fuel-cell car drives like its cousin, the electric car. It’s not for the racetrack, but the hydrogen-powered car is quiet and incredibly efficient. It has a range of 250 miles, 134 horsepower, and 221 lb-ft of torque.

Hyundai is hoping to sell about 1,000 fuel-cell cars, so it’s just a stepping stone for now. If you’re not quite ready for a hydrogen powered car, have no fear. Stop by Glenbrook Hyundai to check out our (gas-powered) lineup.  For more info on fuel-cell technology, click here.

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