Should you finance or lease your next new car?

A lot of people walk in to Glenbrook Hyundai, the Happy Car Store and ask us “Should I finance or lease my next new car?” There are a lot of misconceptions with leasing. Many people think the dealer benefits if a customer leases vs purchasing, the leasing company charges you for every scratch, you can’t customize your car, you’ll get a call every month wondering how many miles you drive, etc. None of these are true. The truth is leasing has changed a lot over the past 15 years and Fort Wayne Hyundai would like to clarify the leasing situation.

A few benefits of leasing a new vehicle:

  • Get a new car more often
  • Lease a Sonata for the payment of an Elantra
  • Your vehicle is always under factory warranty
  • “Gas and go” payments available
  • Free Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)
  • Lower fiance rates
  • Never carry negative equity to your next vehicle
  • More options (buy out, sell, trade, walk-away)
  • Less finance obligation showing on your credit history
  • Usually Hyundai has some sort of lease cash available (rebates) that are not available to a standard finance buyer
  • Guaranteed future value of your vehicle

There are benefits to purchasing too:

  • Save interest by paying off early
  • Opportunity to finance with a local institution
  • Ownership of the vehicle once the final payment is made
  • Easier to get approved if you have had credit issues in the past

Glenbrook Hyundai is a 100% full disclosure dealership.  The Happy Car Store believes in giving our customers all the information they need to make a well-informed decision with absolutely no pressure.  That being said, every customer at Glenbrook Hyundai receives a worksheet with 9 retail payments and 9 lease payments.  What you’ll notice is either way you decide to finance, the price of the vehicle does not change.  We do not care which way you decide to go.  It is our job to help find the best way for you to purchase or lease your new vehicle.  There is a lease vs buy calculator on our website to help you decide.

If you are looking for a new car in the Fort Wayne area and have any more questions about buy vs lease, please do not hesitate to call one of our sales professionals at 260-484-9531 or check out our website at


Glenbrook Hyundai, a car dealer in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a family owned and operated dealership. Located in Fort Wayne for over 20 years, Glenbrook Hyundai understands the value of a Happy customers. For the past 10 years, 62% of all Glenbrook Hyundai customers have been either repeat customers or someone referred in by a friend. The "Happy Car Store" theme came about a few years ago when Mark McKibben, the store's General Manager, decided to make buying a car at Glenbrook Hyundai different than every other dealership in the area. Some of the Happy Car Store advantages are: - a quicker sales process, no need to take hours to buy a car - Glenvrook Hyundai is a full disclosure dealership, every customer gets to see the price, taxes, fees, money down options, term options, trade figures...everything they need to know to make a well informed decision, with absolutely NO PRESSURE to buy. - The area's largest selection of new and used Hyundais - Service rewards cards, giving customers the opportunity to earn free oil changes, rental cars, complete details and more. - Service loaner cars - 100% customer oriented sales process - A Happy, No Worries atmosphere - And much, much more Stop in to see us at: Glenbrook Hyundai 4801 Coldwater Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825 260-484-9531 Or check us out on the web anytime at
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